In-Depth Analysis of the Fruit Fiesta Slot Machine

Games Global’s Fruit Fiesta slot machine, available at Microgaming-powered online casinos as of July 2023, was created in-house.

There are three distinct versions of this fruit-themed slot machine: this one, with 9 paylines, Fruit Fiesta, with 5 paylines, and Fruit Fiesta, with 3 reels.

Even though these are all essentially the same slot machine, each offers a unique experience because to their varying volatility, paylines, maximum wager, and maximum win.

Modeling a Slot

The Fruit Fiesta slot machine is available in three different layouts: a 5×3 grid with 9 paylines, a 3×3 grid with 5 lines, and a 5×3 grid with 5 lines.

The standard slot has a return to player percentage of 96.94% and a low variance setting, while the 5-payline version of Fruit Fiesta has an RTP of 96.07% and a high volatility setting, and the 3-reel version of Fruit Fiesta has an RTP of 95.75% and a high variance setting.

The least bet on the standard Fruit Fiesta slot machine is 0.18 USD and the maximum bet per spin is 450.00 USD. The minimum wager on the 5-payline Fruit Fiesta slot machine is 0.10 USD and the maximum bet per spin is 500.00 USD.

The bet menu structure is consistent across all three variants; the betting limits are what change. A built-in slider makes it simple to wager any amount you choose.

The optimal bet menu arrangement includes not just a max bet option, but also a number of predefined bet amounts.

All three have a nearly identical layout, with the Autoplay button, Quick Spin button, and Bet menu located on the right side of the screen, and the sound option tucked away in the hamburger menu on the top right.

The board is just slightly bigger in the Fruit Fiesta 3 reel version, but other from that, they’re the same.

Except for the wild and scatter symbols, which are somewhat different, everything else is the same.

Options for Slot Machines

The Wild sign acts as a replacement for every other icon in the game, with the exception of the Scatter, which appears in the 9-line version of Fruit Fiesta only.

In the five-reel version of Fruit Fiesta, the diamond acts as a scatter symbol; in the three-reel version, it serves as a Wild.

If a win is completed with only one Diamond wild symbol, the payout is doubled. In our example, it finished off the 32x paying Fruit Fiesta sign, increasing our payout to 64x right away.

Different from the diamond wild in the three-reel version, the scatter symbol appears only on the five-reel edition of Fruit Fiesta.

All five scattered symbols can multiply your bet by 50 times. Only 3 were won, yielding a 2x payout in our screenshot. These occur often, and thus far we have observed a maximum of three.


Games Global’s Fruit Fiesta slot machine is a three-version take on the traditional fruit-themed slot.

With 9 paylines and a maximum win of 555x, the standard variant offers the greatest RTP and the lowest volatility.

Reduced payouts of 95.75%, increased volatility, and a maximum win of 500x characterize the Fruit Fiesta 3 reel variant.

The maximum payout on the Fruit Fiesta 5 paylines variant is 1,180x, the volatility is VERY HIGH, and the RTP is 96.07%.

In general, this is a very standard classic slot, however the maximum wager on Yukon Gold Casino’s three versions is a whopping 500.00 dollars.